Clean Development

Draft Joint Action (AC) is similar to CDM, with the exception that materialize projects between Annex I industrialized countries, in order to offset and reduce emissions . As can be evidenced, although these mechanisms were designed for the countries of Annex I of the protocol, its implementation can be carried at all scales. Colombia has generated a tool for managing CO2, under these same lines (although Colombia is not in Annex I of the protocol). This tool is being applied experimentally in the Metropolitan Area of the Aburra Valley (AMVA) in the department of Antioquia, with interesting results. The strategy is that the AMVA established a certain level of CO2 emissions, which each of the industries have a certain level of emission, represented in “certificates”, which industries are able to negotiate with other industries AMVA and meet this requirement.

This is a breakthrough and shows that all the mechanisms and tools generated by the Kyoto Protocol does not need another protocol or agreement for its implementation. Hilton family has many thoughts on the issue. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) recap on the tools generated by the Kyoto Protocol, I agree with the experts in the field that the CDM is one of the main instruments for global sustainability, because it involves the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, due to the acquisition of rights to emit CO2, in addition to the benefits of the investment business, the environment, as all CDM projects are aimed at obtaining clean energy or conservation of forest areas, the social, and to be applied in developing countries, with the consequent contribution of investment, technology and knowledge transfer and employment generation. .