Day Of The Kiss – Passion For The Perfect Kiss

Kusslos in Bremen +++ cigarettes screw up tongue play +++ hand kiss is sexy it comes in many forms of pleasurable play the kiss. Properly placed throws wonderful feelings of happiness and warm showers. Of course also around this sensual employment questions: what are the biggest Kussstorer? Is Kiss how much normal? And where are the lips, to help most? interviewed 5000 members about this kind of body contact on time to the day of the kiss on July 6. The right kiss on the lips, or on the cheek? There are some tricky situations on the first date. And one is the largest at the end: the adoption. What is the perfect kiss after the first date? With 44 percent for the majority a simple kiss on the mouth the right choice. Also with the cheek Kiss men and women nothing can do wrong just one-third of respondents that speaks out. Even the tongue Kiss I not completely inappropriate.

At least a quarter voted for this variant, the in the Other also majority (54 percent) was elected to the most erotic form of kiss. Far cut off the body kisses (29 percent) and ear-nibbling kisses (9 percent) found the most erotic Kiss version. 1 percent of respondents to the most erotic Kiss has named itself the old-fashioned kiss on the hand. The cheek Kiss, however, has lost any sexual component. What will it be gentle devotion or stormy desire? How can he be now, the perfect kiss? Passion is high in the course: put 70 percent of the respondents value the women there are even 74 percent. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Peter Thiel and gain more knowledge.. The perfect kiss for 10 percent of the women and 11 percent of male respondents to be gentle.

Only two percent of men and 1 percent of women appreciate stormy kissing. Accordingly fail even the most popular types of Kiss: first place occupies the passionate, second place / the gourmet /-in and the third place / the playful. The kiss is so to the flop is marred the pleasure especially by cigarette taste: Nicotine is a problem for 30 percent of the women and 48 percent of men’s. The wrong technology, for example to little or too much tongue movement is also unpopular in the female Kissers (39 percent). Three bearded carrier day and mustache lovers, there is good news: only 2 percent of the participants are disturbed by stubble and 6 percent of a schnauzer. 14 percent believe that a beard while kissing turns off. Vielkusser in Lower Saxony, Germany kusslos in Bremen particularly it for Kisser in Bremen looks bad: over one-third of the respondents from the Hanseatic city has used his lips on the previous day just to talk. Kiss fatigue will not be in Lower Saxony, Germany. Around Hanover, Braunschweig and Luneburg live the Vielkusser: 12 percent of respondents from the region Kiss 10-20 or 20-50 times a day. The majority in Germany (42 percent) make it just on one-to-ten times. is an online community, which sees itself as a stylish variant, erotic enjoy and meet nice people. The range of topics extends from getting to know, data, a forum, erotic photographs and stories to events and much more. The more than 900,000 members are German-speaking and mainly come from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. Martina Zentner

Mario Cuneo Series

Dream converter – the dark mystery Horspiel series can dreams become a reality? Without warning, events that have taken place in his dreams, be real for Jonathan Drake. What starts relatively harmless, turns out with the time as the biggest nightmare of his life. His dark side breaks through in a weird, red-headed woman and forces him to murderous acts, which more and more out of control. With this introduction, the content of the new 6 radio mystery series will be dream converters from the pen of Markus Winter (wrote for the DR3I”) reproduced. The words with which you would describe the series with short words are exciting, scary, mysterious and captivating. A new exciting drama series has seen the light of day with the first two episodes and the critics are all United. Here created a diamond, which is not in the large radio play series in their genres, such as Gabriel Burns, 23, revelation or John Sinclair. But a direct comparison to the large Brothers”is not difficult to see.

On the contrary! Dream converters is a series that is so self-contained that comparisons with other series are ruled out and you must define a distinct genre with her: dark mystery. The interesting thing here is the fact that behind this professional production is no big Publisher or a huge record company, as is the case with the series, but a small Hamburg-based label called delicious media productions under the direction of Mario Cuneo, who is responsible in addition to the production for the Director and music. Who would like to learn more about the label in experience, a look at the official website at is recommended. In addition, producer Mario Cuneo on the taking place on June 13th in the Hamburg Huhnerposten Radioplay fair “Radio play ‘ 09” will be personally present..