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In relation quantitative research, Polit (2004, P. 140) explain that ' ' the collection processes and analyze of data are separate in the time. Adroll Marketing Platform follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The collection analyzes precedes it, in contrast of the qualitative research, where both the processes if combinam' '. It detaches, still, that the way as the data are collected define the type of analyze that and possible to be carried through. It can be said that the interview, the questionnaire, the tests and the comment are the main techniques of collection of data. 3.1LOCAL OF the STUDY the study will be developed in the Hospital of the West of the Bahia, in the city of Barriers.

3.2POPULAO AND SAMPLE the public-target of this research will be the patients interned in the Hospital of the West with decurrent trauma skull-enceflico of traffic accident, chosen teams according to handbook of the Hospital. Initially, they will be selected the general population of patients with trauma enceflico skull, later if arriving at the group of these in result of traffic accidents. 3.3INSTRUMENTO OF COLLECTION OF DATA the data will be collected in handbooks of the patients who give entered in the Hospital of the West with craniano trauma. Later, these data will be funnelled to represent the patients who to give entered in the hospital with trauma enceflico skull proceeding from accident of transit. 3.4DESCRIO OF the COLLECTION OF DATA AND the ANALYSIS OF the DATA the collection of data will be become fullfilled carried through in the period of 15 the 18 of May of 2010. The population will compose itself for patients with diagnosis of TCE that had interned in the Hospital of the West, in the year of 2009. For the sample the patients had been selected who to fill the requirement above and that have suffered traffic accident, independent of the sex legalized in the handbook of attendance of the institution.

OMS Substance

International Classification of Illnesses, in its 10. edition aims at to catalogue and to standardize health problems, having as reference International nomenclature of Illnesses, established for the World-wide Organization of Health. The Brazilian government divulged the archive in all domestic territory, by means of the DATASUS. The CID – 10 show criteria to characterize the substance dependence: Picture 5: Criteria of the CID-10 for Substance Dependence. A definitive diagnosis of dependence must usually be made only if the three or more than following requirements have been experienciados or shown at some moment of the previous year. .

A strong desire or sense of compulsion to consume the substance; b. Difficulties in controlling the behavior to consume the substance in terms of its beginning, ending and levels of consumption; c. A physiological state of abstinence when the use of the substance ceased or was reduced, as evidenced for: syndrome of abstinence for the substance or the use of the same substance (or of closely related) with the intention to alliviate or to prevent abstinence symptoms; d. Evidence of tolerance, such form that increasing doses of the psychoactive substance are required to reach effect originally produced by lower doses; e. Gradual abandonment of pleasures and alternative interests for the use of the psychoactive substance, increase of the amount of time necessary to recover of its effect; f. Persistence in the use of the substance, the spite of clear evidence of manifestly harmful consequncias. Clear efforts must be made to determine if the user was really conscientious of the nature and the extension of the damage.

Source: OMS (1997). Visa this, another aid to the prevention to the abuse of the tobacco is the farmacolgica intervention (medicamentosa). The aid of the doctor is very important in prescribing a medicine that will go to minimize the symptoms of abstinence of the patient, facilitating the cognitivo-mannering boarding.