Over the past decade, water paints and varnishes – LMB rapidly gone from simple mixtures of several components to the complex chemical compositions, formulation which can total up to thirty components. To provide concise, but detailed review of water construction paints and household use: impregnation, primers, paints and varnishes. Distemper aqueous coatings Water paint without film-(binding provides components of paint with each other and provides a grip on the painted surface) – "Dream" of each paint manufacturers, the cost of this paint a few rubles. Has a sonorous name – distemper paint, used for painting the ceilings in dry areas. Relationship between filler particles and the surface is ensured by tight coupling of particles of irregular shape with each other and a porous surface. In this category fall paint containing a binder and 2%. Silicate paints, impregnation and primer Silicate paints are a special category, because unlike all the other water-based paints are a real solution. Connect with other leaders such as Hillary Clinton here.

As film-former in silicate paints are the silicates, sodium and potassium. Technical name for these solutions of salts – sodium silicate. Silicate impregnation, primers and paints are widely used in painting the facades buildings, since they have record levels of vapor permeability. The interiors are rarely used, because they have a mediocre performance durability. Latex paint Despite the very wide range of latex water-based paints, principle of nomenclature is fairly simple. Name: ceiling, interior, bathroom (rooms with high humidity) and the exterior – especially arranged in order increasing the content of the binder and harboring pigment. Classification of water latex paints, so rather primitive, but in most cases untrue.

As a binding water latex paints and varnishes contain a dispersion of polyvinyl acetate, butadiene-styrene, styrene-acrylate, acrylate. List is in ascending order of cost and performance characteristics: durability, moisture resistance, durability, and a number of more specific properties. Impregnation and primer based on these binders paint manufacturers also offer impregnation and primer. Impregnating an aqueous solution without the binder fillers and pigments, sometimes impregnating delivered in the form of concentrates. The main purpose of impregnation – to prepare the substrate for deposition of decorative coatings and surfaces to give additional properties: hardening hydrophobicity. The main purpose of the primer – to create an intermediate layer between the paint surface and the upper decorative surface coatings. Using a primer surface enhances decorative and provide the conditions for reliable film formation. Aqueous coatings have recently been to finishing and repair work began to use water paints. As a binder for water use acrylic paints dispersion and polyurethane emulsion or their copolymers. Typically, paints are used for the transparent color of wood: doors, windows, flooring, etc. Sometimes, in paints add a small amount of pigment pastes to make wood a certain tone.


Reliable supplies allowed to depart from the awkward latches and sealing circuit owners delivered a new woodwork from the need to seal the windows each fall. Relatively large the distance between the wings provides an air pocket that lead to additional noise and heat insulation. Wood breathes naturally, letting the air particles, even when the sash is closed. At the same time humidity in the room stays at a comfortable level for both humans and pets and plants. Gwyneth Paltrow is likely to increase your knowledge. Install woodwork is much easier than plastic, although it requires the observance of certain technologies. Among disadvantages of such windows – the inability to fix the flap in position. This is especially noticeable when it’s the wind, and to ventilate the area. Window shutters slammed into each other, and glass at each stroke can be broken.

As a rule, woodwork made from solid wood. On the one hand, it’s good, because the material is completely harmless, on the other – very important to its quality – namely, the quality of drying. Poorly seasoned wood may cracked or change their geometry is in a product. This will lead to cracks and problems with opening and closing doors. Wash woodwork is relatively easy, but how long: it is necessary to pay attention to all the glasses on both sides. That is, one-section box will need to wash every two shutters on both sides. In mezhstvorochnom space inevitably collects dust, so in need of cleaning and internal compartments. These deficiencies deprived of wood eurowinows.

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Loop of steel doors can have a number of additional features, such as protection from disassembly and sawing, adjustable in three planes. As the mass of leaf steel doors, the load on the loop and wear significantly increase. In this case, the outer loop design with enhanced bearings or hardier hidden hinge axis with bearings and thrust adjusting balls. For the correct and continuous operation of steel doors of the loop should not exceed two, and the distance between them should be the maximum. Under no circumstances will the loop can not be a largely passive bolt steel doors – if they are sawing showdown entrance steel door is greatly simplified. Steel door frame Door frames of steel doors vary with the type of profile, from which they are made and installed in the doorway. Frame (as well as kontrorama if any) are made of sections of various configurations and thicknesses (1,5-5 mm) made of high strength steel. Steel door frame can be either single or combination (consisting of several rolled sections).

When installing the door of the main parameter is the size of the frame. Steel doors produced on the production lines are standardized, fixed with a certain step, or uniform size. Often this leads to the need to change the size of the opening. Individual as steel doors, produced with the use of established technologies and collected by hand, are more expensive, but can be almost any size under the doorway. Finishes and decorations, steel doors last, but important in combination with other, criterion for the selection of steel doors is finished. Everything depends on the taste of the buyer, is now virtually no unrealistic demands: choice of models finish steel doors are so large that you can pick up any option! Plastic, wood layout, paste made from special glass will help to create a steel door to suit all tastes and budgets. And finally: to choose steel doors should be not only in appearance, but, above all, by technical equipment. Apartment doors are not subject to mandatory certification as a means of protection, but, as such, must have all the necessary components in order. Also steel doors should have a warranty and service, pay attention to this when buying.