The Type

Loop of steel doors can have a number of additional features, such as protection from disassembly and sawing, adjustable in three planes. As the mass of leaf steel doors, the load on the loop and wear significantly increase. In this case, the outer loop design with enhanced bearings or hardier hidden hinge axis with bearings and thrust adjusting balls. For the correct and continuous operation of steel doors of the loop should not exceed two, and the distance between them should be the maximum. Under no circumstances will the loop can not be a largely passive bolt steel doors – if they are sawing showdown entrance steel door is greatly simplified. Steel door frame Door frames of steel doors vary with the type of profile, from which they are made and installed in the doorway. Frame (as well as kontrorama if any) are made of sections of various configurations and thicknesses (1,5-5 mm) made of high strength steel. Steel door frame can be either single or combination (consisting of several rolled sections).

When installing the door of the main parameter is the size of the frame. Steel doors produced on the production lines are standardized, fixed with a certain step, or uniform size. Often this leads to the need to change the size of the opening. Individual as steel doors, produced with the use of established technologies and collected by hand, are more expensive, but can be almost any size under the doorway. Finishes and decorations, steel doors last, but important in combination with other, criterion for the selection of steel doors is finished. Everything depends on the taste of the buyer, is now virtually no unrealistic demands: choice of models finish steel doors are so large that you can pick up any option! Plastic, wood layout, paste made from special glass will help to create a steel door to suit all tastes and budgets. And finally: to choose steel doors should be not only in appearance, but, above all, by technical equipment. Apartment doors are not subject to mandatory certification as a means of protection, but, as such, must have all the necessary components in order. Also steel doors should have a warranty and service, pay attention to this when buying.