Great Comparison Test Praises

Journal chip BitDefender records Internet Security 2011 software top from Holzwickede, 06th December 2010 the renowned trade magazine chip has the software Internet Security 2011 virus protection expert BitDefender ( with the predicate awarded top-class. Total tested eleven safety solutions of known anti virus manufacturer in a large comparative test through its paces. BitDefender finished an excellent 2nd place here. This result obtained the software in particular due to their high performance, a superior malware protection, as well as their very clear and user friendly user interfaces. The chip Tester once more put the bar compared to the investigation of last year. Especially in the detection of unknown or potentially dangerous viruses, individual software products have been subjected to comprehensive tests. Here, particularly the heuristic was called which parses the malicious code on similarities to known cyber threats. BitDefender Internet Security 2011 realized very solid 98,42% of all viruses, worms, backdoors, and bots in this test area.

Overall the software called once only a false alarm. BitDefender a perfect 100% detection rate reached at already known malware. Only BitDefender top in terms of performance the malware protection was the most important criterion in the test according to own the journal. But make even the safest PC no fun anymore”, if the applicable security software influence the performance of the computer. Therefore, the testers rated strongly also this discipline. “The result in terms of performance” in the wording: the only good result achieved the BitDefender suite, which quickly completed the scanning of the system partition and never fell off at other values. ” It was also examined whether remember already parsed files the scanner. Because only new or modified files are checked for subsequent scans, this saves system resources in addition. According to chip here are a few products needed up to three times as much time as the BitDefender software.