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And, finally, was indicative of an increase orders for the manufacture of home textile items. Customers have become increasingly ordered covers for chairs and upholstered furniture, tablecloths, and even such rare things as screens for radiators and wall hangings and ceilings. In the catalog of all these elements of textile design presented in conjunction with curtains, on this the customer is born a natural desire to formalize the textile interiors from A to Z ". Why catalog, "Your Guide to Style" love designers? If you have at least a little work on the catalogs, you have probably noted that the vast majority of them are pictures of curtains are classified under the heading "Kitchen", "Bedroom", "Children", etc., while the division is rather arbitrary, since clear rules and criteria that can be attributed specifically to the curtains every room, there is simply no. Therefore, often have to dig around the directory to find the desired customer model, and then another and explain why to his bedroom fit model from the "Dining". In the catalog, "Your style guide" material is classified as belonging to a particular style solution interior.

This significantly simplifies and speeds up the design choice. Check with the customer, what it represents its interior, just open the partition and select the model. For novice designers will be helpful article that accompanies each section of the catalog. Articles contain a brief description of each style of interior decoration and design features of curtains and home textiles in the interior. Based on this information, correctly select the model of curtains is not difficult even a man, far removed from the design. Catalog curtains "Your Guide to Style" is available in two formats – for work in the salon and for outreach.

Catalog for work in the salon consists of a booklet on evropruzhine, a 297 x 297 mm printed on glossy paper, the density of 130, in the hard laminated cover. Evropruzhina in a soft shell prevents rupture and sheets. Due to this directory is not only easy to use, but also durable. Option directory for the exit is printed on glossy paper, with a density of 130 and stitched on the bracket. Size 210 x 210 mm. The content of both versions is absolutely identical: 10 feature articles and more than 400 unique pictures of curtains and items textile decor.

Kitchen Design Photo

The first and most important point: You must first select the built-in appliances, and then book the kitchen! Furniture companies are sometimes misleading, saying that “all the plates are identical.” They say, “Take us the kitchen, and technology it “fit” any “.” In fact, it is not so, and may, for example, that the hob was purchased at 70 cm, and under the hood there are only 60, in which case the performance of an extract to be desired. Ready headsets dictates a number of points – size, location, style … See photos of kitchen design. So the first thing that should make everyone who is going to equip your kitchen – is to go shopping and to form their idea of the built-in appliances market. Then you should decide what should be the name of your kitchen and, preferably, immediately buy all selected items! After all while making furniture, “the size, will take place some time, and what you need model may simply not be on sale. ‘ll Need to change something …

But easier to order the kitchen, on the basis of the purchased equipment than ready headset “cut down with an ax,” a place under the stove! Selection of equipment for the kitchen is best start with the “bottom”, ie with the oven. This is one of the most complex and functional parts with a lot of different options: automatically set recipes, self-cleaning, cooling and ventilation systems, data display … And, Of course, there are various non-standard models such as the oven with a pull cart. Ovens often buy electric.