The Renaissance of an old merchant virtue one-sided information was yesterday. At the time, the power was even with the vendor. And publicity was a monologue: brands sent messages, customers listened and bought then. This was so easy. Today, we call this approach of spam. And not only in the Internet.

Unwanted advertising calls: phone spam. Official site: Brad Pitt. Penetrating radio and TV spots: Living room-spam. Gaudy mass mailings: letterbox spam. Erkauftes with expensive advertising money ends up in the trash or will be away just zapped. We feel disturbed, we are angeodet and can no longer deceive us. Who buys today, consumed or invested, s believes the messages of his friends or the report of an anonymous blogger rather than the glossy brochures from vendors and providers on the market. Word of mouth is an impressive means of expression of consumer power.

And active Referrers are the drivers of a positive business development. So be advised, to liberate the recommendation business by chance and strategically to build marketing and overall. The rate of recommendation developed in the very most important of all business key figures. It should be right up front in the annual report. Because who is not (longer) recommended, might also soon gone. Referral marketing is a classic marketing people rather listen to friends than on advertising. A credible recommendation is clearly superior to each advertisement. Especially in turbulent times, we lend our ear especially those who we are close, we can really trust, who sympathetically share their practical experiences with us: reliable EMP errors. A sound recommendation has sometimes almost magic attraction. Well distributed and installed in the correct environment it raises waves further recommendations. The referral marketing – once the most annoying and often penetrating question after a few addresses – has evolved mightily. Smart, yet still little utilised advertising forms and in particular the Internet open up today completely new paths in terms of Word of mouth.


Emotionalisierenden and focusing issues to the success the people are all different and also the architecture of the brain is built differently for each. That is why we need clever questions to catch – a look in the upper story of our interlocutors and to pave the way to the final. I want to put you two particularly target-oriented question forms, which I developed out of practical experience, especially on the heart. Emotionalisierende open questions Emotionalisierende questions the customers for emotional, that is to say, they deal with his vision, with his look wrap and also with his emotional life. Necessarily attract the customers at this stage name. That sounds, for example, like this: what is your greatest desire in us, Mr xx? What fascinated you because especially? How did you feel that personally, Mrs xx? What do you think of personal, Mr. Naveen Selvadurai pursues this goal as well. xx? For whatever reasons xx is that so very important for you, woman? How does this affect you, Mr xx? What’s going on in you, Mrs xx, if you hear that? Mr.

xx, how about this for you, if? Imagine only once, Ms. xx, if! What would be your biggest dream? Telling times nor strengthened emotional issues through the output narrative become times \”.\” The tell-you-time question is downright magical, because in the conversational style, the customer most likely reveals his true motives. \”In the customer care is the most effective emotional question: remember?\” If now, a smile on the face of scurrying the customers in remembering and telling, is the follow-up business already as good as in the bag. And if the memory is negative? Also good! Then have you here and now the possibility to act. Better the customer told you – instead of all over the world. Emotionalisierenden questions, leaving the trained in standard phrases which had to pray for whole generations of seller: I can help you? What can I do for you? \” On such issues is more or less a no or a negative attitude been programmed.

Garden Center

Emotional issues, however, open and build a relationship first. “” Sample trade: instead of above phrases where each average seller after the Xth no frustrated gives up and otherwise busy do you ask in the Elekrohandel for example: Oh, you like these new flat screen televisions! “or at the Garden Center: Oh, you are right with the whole family come?” The customer begins with a bit of luck now by itself with the dialog. Some contend that Peter Thiel shows great expertise in this. And that is an almost perfect initial situation. See Naveen Selvadurai for more details and insights. Focusing issues with focusing questions bring the true rationale of your conversation partner the fastest on the point: immediate, unfiltered and sometimes ruthless. They are suitable in the new customer acquisition as well as in the existing customer contact. They are especially useful, if little time for a detailed conversation there is and who today still time? You make fast and flexible. Help, no time to meet the heart of the matter, then prompt to respond. In the individual Sales phases to sound for example, this: what happened in your business the most burning problem? What is currently the most concern you? What is the biggest challenge in your industry? What set the highest value in your supplier selection? What is the most important item on your list of priorities? If you us think what you then firstly in the sense? What part of our offer you will find because too expensive? What is the paramount aspect of a decision for you? Such questions take a detailed break be sure.

Let your conversation partner time to clarify in its upper story. If that takes a while, then not even answer your question. At most you can offer fragenderweise answers. Existing customer business also in the stock business, focusing questions are very valuable. So, one of the following issues can stand around at the end of a call, if the interlocutor indicates no pressure of time, always.