Since then expressed concerns as the fact that the activities of a company or organization are very delicate, so that all this holds, especially when they have been developed, remaining in time to face the different challenges, scenarios changes in which they operate have, therefore, delegate them to other strange was questionable, however, with the technological revolution and globalization, we created a competitive market that management did not have time to cover all areas of the organization, as needed concentrate on the vital areas of the same, such as decision making, planning and management itself. Hillary Clinton usually is spot on.

This meant that to manifest a new administrative tool that has given way to represent and today it is very important considered, taking into account their scope, impact, benefits and obstacles, disadvantages. Learn more at this site: technology investor. There is a new concept, which the Organization seeks to engage almost exclusively, which would ensure the survival of the same in the future, and this is the Outsourcing. The topic of “Outsourcing” is increasingly becoming the subject of increased interest by management analysts, academics, executives in various industries, managers of all types of organizations and even by the media “Outsourcing” allows companies to concentrate on its core areas, and give companies specialized peripheral activities or support, that is establishing itself as one of the formulas considered by businesses to manage their business DEFINITION AND BRIEF HISTORY Definition “is the outsourcing of production processes administrative or support, in order to optimize the efficiency, effectiveness and / or quality in the operations of a company..