Windows 7 – First Look

User Interface: 1) As you have probably noticed, the logo for the first time I actually staring at him and nearly fell into a trance, that’s what you have done the same pulsating signs;)) 2) The taskbar – now it seems to many Ie more higher than before. On that application shortcuts in the form of pop-up menu with a picture of a page or application. If you click on the program right mouse button, you will be a unique menu for each program with possible actions. Of course you need to get used to this innovation, but in my opinion it is able to increase the comfort level 3) The windows are now more intelligent – if to drag a window to the top of the screen, it automatically thrown open to full screen, but if the same move it to the right or left corner, it will fill half the screen. If the window is “shake”, all open windows rolled up to the task bar;)) just like on the iPhone turns out, the second trayaska returns all back.

4) The mechanism of User Account Control system displays notification (Vista and the annoying screen dimming with problems) so now there can be all set. 5) Internet explorer seems even began to work faster;))) 6) The new Windows Media Player 7) General setup computer and networks has become even closer and more understandable, in contrast, again, as vista Yes, now when you double click on ISOshnike system will ask you to burn it to disc 9) appeared PowerShell 10) Wordpad is now similar to the word 2007 11) There were scissors – can cut out a picture as any of the screen and then edit it in any image editor 12) Changes in encryption technology, BitLocker 13) and desktop themes: wallpaper now support avtosmenu 14) Gadgets: sidebar has been removed, (…. but Now you can use them anywhere on your desktop. And of all sizes! Official output is scheduled for May 5e, put and enjoy the charms. I do that test to the compatibility with other programs I needed for a complete relocation.