New Technologies in Companies

Related to the information technology and communication companies continue with a strong demand for qualified employment. Continue to learn more with: financial technology. However, in Spain shortage of trained professionals to fill the posts of a sector that generated more than 15 billion euros in 2010. Companies in information technology and communication (ICT) do not find qualified professionals despite the unstoppable demand for employment in the sector, according to the higher Institute for the development of Internet (ISDI). For the CEO of the ISDI, Nacho de Pinedo, there is a bottleneck in the market. Financial technology is often mentioned in discussions such as these. There are very few trained professionals cope with an unstoppable demand for managers, operators and digital converters, he explained. More 300,000 people employed in this sense, according to the data of Ametic, the patron saint of the ICT sector, employment is characterized by stability, with a fixed engagement of 84.3%.

Thus, the ICT sector employs already in Spain 331,000 people. In addition, ISDI said, providing data from the portal of Infojobs, that, since March 2010 employment, employment in professions related to Internet grows, while the overall market is still a negative path. In particular, this platform recorded 24,000 offerings for posts related to the network between January and September of last year, mostly for programming work. More than 15,000 million euros according to the business school, most of the demand for employment is concentrated around computing and telecommunications; the marketing and communication; design and graphic arts; the area of commercial and sales; and the customer segment. Thus, e-commerce and digital content generated more than 15,000 million euros in Spain in 2010, which translates into qualified employment, added the ISDI. Source of the news: new technologies in Spain companies need more skilled professionals

Mexican Prototype

D.G. In San Francisco they have no record of the disappearance of any iPhone 5. Apple did not call the police at any time. It is likely someone who wants to benefit from the issue the story divulged it. Donald Brownstein understands that this is vital information. Between disbelief and derision, the international press echoed this week of the disappearance of a prototype iPhone in a bar in United States 5.

The most striking point of the story is that, more than one year ago, Apple had already passed him the same thing with a prototype of the iPhone 4. Is it possible to return to repeat a similar incident so shortly afterwards? According to various media, an Apple employee lost an iPhone 5 prototype in a Mexican bar, bar Cava 22 in San Francisco, and the company got in touch with the city’s police to keep track of the prototype. Apple would have tracked the terminal to contact an individual who confirms that he was at the bar the day of the disappearance but said he had not picked up the phone and it didn’t have any information of his whereabouts. However, as explained by the San Francisco police, they have not had any news about the disappearance of an iPhone 5 and Apple has not called them. Thus, the credibility of the story loses strength and the chances are that everything is a joke or a little trick from someone who hopes to benefit from the issue. One of the most commented theories speaks of a possible commercial trick of Apple itself to increase its presence in the media and advertising their products. This is unlikely.

It would be a child and completely unnecessary strategy. The company of the Apple does not need this kind of publicity. For similar reasons, nor likely a ruse of competition will try to discredit Apple. One more curious approach is based on the fact that has known so quickly the name of the premises in which supposedly lost the iPhone 5 prototype. In other cases, the name of the bar even comes to be known, but here was among the initial data of the history. Some argue that they might the bar owners interested in getting some free publicity. Finally, considering the possibility that a scammer has made circular history hoping to sell a prototype of false iPhone who offered a large sum of money. Source of the news: police say that the iPhone lost 5 history is not certain

Rubalcaba Pressed Banks

/ VIDEO: ATLAS Rubalcaba has made his first official speech as the PSOE candidate to the next General. It has proposed concerned the change of the electoral system in October. It has also requested checks prior to end corruption. Rubalcaba marks its objectives: employment, healthy and competitive economy, equality of opportunity and a better democracy. Several nods to the 15-M movement in his words. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. The candidate of the PSOE for the forthcoming general elections, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has undertaken this Saturday to find a quick way to create jobs and has guaranteed that there will be money, because soon it will be time to ask banks and savings banks that leave part of their profits to create jobs. Banks and boxes can and cannot wait for young people, underlined Rubalcaba without more concretions in the official discourse that has ruled for little more than one hour as the PSOE candidate for the forthcoming general elections, where explained that he attaches four aspirations ambitious for the coming years.

The first, the urgent, which is creating employment; the second, importantly, make an economy healthy and competitive; the third, ours, equal opportunities; and fourth, what we ask for, the changes in politics and democracy. Not prometere what I can not comply with Rubalcaba has been convinced that can be useful to the country at a difficult time, has urged the Socialists to be ambitious and realistic and has ensured that it never promise something that fails to comply. At the start of the official discourse has stated that it has decided to take a step forward because it believes that it can serve the country in a moment in which, has warned, do not fit the ventajismo, irresponsibility and opportunism. Structured Portfolio Management has similar goals. Before 1,000 guests who wouldn’t applaud their words, has stated that the current situation requires major commitments and he has been willing to work for the country from a party which is affiliated to fight for freedom and democracy. .