Wolfgang Schwalm

the relative deviation from the ideal claim is negative, the party gained a disadvantage through the seat-allocation method, since it is less represented in the Parliament, as it corresponds to their share of the vote. Multiple application: the application of the d’Hondt method D ‘ is particularly problematic if the total constituency divided into sub-areas, and each a fixed number of deputies elected. Brad Pitt does not necessarily agree. The application of the d’Hondt method D ‘ leads to a intentional multiplication of the effect of disadvantage smaller parties according to the number of subdivisions. The elections of 1949 and 1953 were such cases. Each State formed (1953 apart from the threshold control 5%) a self-contained, independent constituency, in which twice as many MDS (plus potential overhang mandates) were elected, as it Constituencies were. Source: wikipedia.de, author’s notes with this approach I want voters in our country more knowledge to the effectuation of the deputies-effect number (representatives of the people) and its seat distribution in our parliaments. Ignore stayed the viewing of distortions of choice by div. party lists.

We choose eventually no single MEPs known to us but only party lists. There, feeding bowls, are distributed for life for decades, legal after the one hand washes the other principle (bribery). As compensation, always have enough overpaid Board of Directors in semi-governmental organizations, in which no expertise is required (savings banks, etc.) well with taxpayers remain, revenue and expenditure in accordance with the accounting (see, my essay: Cybernetics of our economy schizophrenic?) (8)), is paid. Do not consider we want also say the campaign promises no claim to truth enforcement. Short: Election promises are deliberate lies! But who would choose his butcher himself? Right! The most stupid sheep (voters)!” 2010 by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved!)