Western Europe

All drivers and parents to know that from January 2008 to transport children in the car only in a special restraint. But the cost of these devices is high and the penalties for lack of child seats is so low that parents often neglect the safety of children. Many writers such as Actress offer more in-depth analysis. Although the statistics, following the introduction in Western Europe of the law on mandatory use of child car seats, the number of serious injuries to children in a crash decreased by 50%. All of today's car seats are not only highly secure and safe, but also ergonomic and comfortable for the child. After all, new designs of car seats into account the experience gained in the manufacture of car seats, as well as manufactured using more modern technology. Actual production of car seats as being strict quality control, companies in which they are produced are legally certified, and each car seat coming off the assembly line is individually numbered. Seats that are available today, are divided into groups that differ by age or weight of the child. Many manufacturers make car seats for certain brands of cars, but based on the cost seats, still more rational to buy universal car seat.

There are five teams that are roughly divided seat, we consider the most demanded – Universal group. How attractive this purchase? Price of universal car seat is comparable to the cost of car seats for one group, but the use of car seats for more than 2 years makes universal device in a more advantageous position. Yes, and universal car seat safety checks are much stricter. I would like to understand what are the benefits of such products? For example, consider seat 'My Way' for children from 9 months to 12 years from the Italian manufacturer Segrall. For the first group from 9-12 months. The volume, anatomical backrest, soft armrests, adjustable height and width of the headrest, which serves as for additional protection of the head of the child, and at the same time provides extra comfort baby at sleep time, excluding 'heaping' heads. The second group of children from four years.

Due to the height-adjustable backrest seat all the components of protection and comfort are transferred to the group. Built-in seat belts are dismantled, and the child is fastened with a belt full-time machine. For the third group (from 6-7 years old) Eventually, when the baby's growth is large enough, may simply remove the back seats and booster use only. What other advantages are universal car seat? One child may grow for a year a little bit, but other stretches, so that slip through their age group less than a year. And so it is necessary to take into account seasonal and climatic zone, where the device is used, because the car seat which is perfect in summer, the child in T-shirt and shorts, can be quite close in the winter, when a child in a fur coat, hat and boots.

Maternal Behavior

Features of maternal behavior in birds. Poeznye advice for the farmer. Females birds begin to show parental interest and long before the appearance of offspring, which is associated with certain physiological characteristics. In Unlike mammals, birds, hatching is not an embryo, but only an egg in its initial stage of fertilization. And the birds in the ovary is a lot of rudimentary ovules. In wild birds during the breeding season, one or more of the them (depending on the type of poultry) grows, accumulating nutrients, becoming egg yolk, which is surrounded by tissues of the ovary (follicles). When the egg matures, the follicle breaks and the egg, surrounded by egg yolk, falls in the oviduct, in the upper part of which merges with the male gametes (fertilization), after which the fertilized egg continues its movement along the oviduct.

During this promotion yolk enveloped protein that is produced in a certain part of the oviduct. In the lower part of the oviduct, the egg is delayed for a long time – is the formation of the shell. Thus, the egg of birds is the yolk, while protein podskorlupnye shell and the shell – this add-on required for the further development of the fetus outside the mother's body in the air. Coming out of the oviduct and getting into the air, the egg cools, due to which the protein several contracts, and blunt end of the egg shell podskorlupnye diverge, and between them formed air space (nougat), which are available through the pores in the shell due to the difference of osmotic pressure is absorbed air. The same technology formed an egg and poultry. Birds are divided into nestling and brood. At first the eggs are smaller and poorer in yolk than in the second, and embryonic development ends at the earliest stage. And they same output, blind and naked chicks, helpless, which require parental care.

From poultry, these include doves. In precocial birds, eggs are large, and the young displayed the most developed and mature, which is capable of not only follow the mother, but also self-peck for food. This includes all agricultural, domestic poultry – chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl. Oviposition and hatching in the wild birds after education married couples seek out his own territory and engaged in hatching eggs laid.