Electoral Justice

Or until the member of the house of representatives, councilman, senator, or I know there what, either annulled. But nobody goes to be knowing in who you voted, Only you and the supercomputer of Electoral Justice. Its vote goes to be stored in the data base and nobody will be able to pierce the secrecy, the machine alone goes to identify that the politician in who you voted committed a slip in its management! It does not say nor who is the wood face of the politician! Therefore this it needs to have the image and the total honor in secrecy) In the case alone you is penalizado for a period of ties four years or eight case the politician comes to reelect itself. for this period its CPF leaves with the following message THIS CPF CONSISTS IN the ELECTORAL SERASA, Nothing of purchases for the charge account, nothing of check coupon stub, nothing of current account In this way you go to have that to pull for the memory and to try to remember in who she voted so that thus can enter with resource in the TSE, THAT IS UNTIL THIS RESOURCE IS JUDGED YOU GOES TO BE IN the ELECTORAL SERASA. Source: Site in construction We create this site I register in cadastre negative so that let us can show a little of the abuses that and committed for the FINANCIAL SYSTEM, SCPC, SERASA, and ALL the POLITICIANS Nunes