The Entrance

However, in this case must take into account weakened over time, the carrying capacity of slabs – in these houses are usually made of wood. To design and build a mezzanine, of course, easier in homes where the ceiling height greater than 3.5 m. But the minimum possible mark may be much lower – only 2.7 m. Naveen Selvadurai is a great source of information. Of course, in this case under the mezzanine will have to equip a children's playground or workplace child that does not require too great a height, and the remaining space to allocate to top box. The distance from the attic shelves to the ceiling in this case can not be more than a meter, and resembles the upper berth in a sleeping car: sit or lie on it can be, but to straighten up a full-length is not succeed. Such mezzanine often and pose as an extra bed – guest or children. Nestled bedroom loft-best in the attic of a country house.

In the place where the entrance to the stairs, height of the mezzanine, of course, should not be less than human height. A drop ceiling of the attic can in the direction where it will be a bed and, therefore, no need to straighten upright. The second most popular option after-bedroom loft – loft-room. Opportunity to rise "upstairs" and there is concentrated, easy to work – not this one of the pleasures of life? At the office, of course, need a library. And it is important think in advance about the strength of the assembly. After all, it will have to keep (with a margin) is not only a lot of people and furniture, but also of numerous books, which are sometimes huge weight.

Prepared Floor

Coffee warm floor consists of heating cables, insulation, electronic thermostat and mounting tape. Thermal insulation is placed on the prepared surface of a reflecting layer up and then fastens mounting tape. The heating cable is laid on the mounting strip with a constant pitch. On the wall is a place that is convenient to the owners, is mounted thermostat, which connects the cold end of the cable and sensor. Placed on the floor construction grout or self-leveling compound. The resulting coupler can withstand 20-30 days to complete solidification, and – warm floor is ready for operation.

Radiant floor consists of a boiler control unit and the contour out of metal or plastic pipes, which circulates warm water. Temperature is responsible for regulating thermostatic mixer, construction of which is designed to provide a permanent income contours of underfloor heating water set temperature. Thermal regime can be controlled both manually and automatically by the thermostat. Water floor, as electric, installed in screed (which, of course, requires an increase in the thickness of the floor – see note). To choose between the warm floor with water and electric warm floor must find a place to install it: – if it's city apartment, where a warm floor will used in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, then the choice for electric warm floor – if it's country house with heating and to heat a small area of the floor, then again, the choice for floor heating electric – if this is a country house without heating with a large area and need a system to heat the entire house, especially if the heated area is large, it is probably cheaper to install gas or water heating.

New Ideas In Textile Design

Interior designers have always think up to the last detail. They combine everything and everyone – decor, furniture, textiles, colors, lighting. And of course one of the main points that create mood and atmosphere in the room – design curtains. It should be noted that with the development progress and the direction it has never stood still. Designers long ago moved away from older, traditional curtains on the windows – now customers are offered not only blind but also different pelmets, curtains, sewing curtains on the deed was the creative people. Many of today's producers applied materials for curtains today are making all their efforts to create new technological materials, using them can be will create a non-standard products, application to tissues, as well as the texture of fabric.

Most often like to experiment with the technology by German manufacturers. For example, the company has created Do'fiz polymer film, which combined with the fabric and ironed with steam pressure. Thus, depending on how much impact a ferry on the fabric appears chaotic or directional pleating. These fabrics are used for production spectacular hard swags (gang). The same German company offers a wide array of special materials, take the example of two-sided adhesive tape to create applications, which helps a lot to do colorful appliques of various shapes on the curtains and swags with complex shaped bottom, using several different tissues. Americans and Britons, produce special tools, patterns, to make for example: smad and perekidov to help make details of the exact same proportions and forms, templates, scriber, for making swags under the multilayered 'braided pigtail. " Textile companies are not lagging behind and from the fashionable today themes of ecology, Italy has launched a line of special decorative fabrics that protect against environmental influences.

Previously, these fabrics are produced exclusively for technical purposes and does not bore design function. The same fabric composed of fibers which includes activated charcoal, protects the window from harmful impurities and carbon monoxide in a room with people, and they even neutralize the smoke, there are still protecting the building from harmful low-frequency and microwave radiation. Over all common and already found in the collections of tissue with a special anti-dust film (impregnated) – Teflon (for asthmatics good thing). Can be done conclusion, textile designers (our time), offer us many creative, unconventional ideas that can be successfully used in the design of a personal interior. Most importantly – do not fixate on old ones, traditional and rather mundane options and try to create space as an interesting and comfortable for you.