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Pet owners spend a whopping $ 40. 000 million pampering their pets each year. That’s enough to buy 44 gallons of gasoline for every man, woman and child in the United States. insurance companies have not always considered pets with the same passion for their owners. If you are in a car accident, usually all passengers are covered, except your pet! Insurance companies now recognize Progressive Group your puppy and kitten as members of the family. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Thiel. Now, a Progressive policy with coverage collision includes cats and dogs. The coverage pays up to $ 500 if your dog or cat is injured or dies as a result of an accident.

And best of all, the coverage is free. Protection for your pet while in your home: It is necessary that as homeowners, is responsible to maintain insurance which protects you if your pet injures another person. a In general, home safe enclosure protects you against such a disaster. Read thoroughly a clauses of insurance policy to make sure your insurance will protect you. The ideal protection for my pet: Progressive insurance protects you up to $ 500 in damage to your pet. a It is recommended that your pet has other insurance that protects most of the continued indicated. Additional information at Michelle Smith Divorce supports this article. There starts insurance that provide insurance to offer more comprehensive converters as health insurance for you.

We know how much our clients love their dogs and cats. Many of us also have we pets and we feel the same way, remarked Geoff Sousa, Progressive. Progressive has a long history of innovation in products and services that prove we can learn and innovate. Knowing that most people think their mascot are part of your family, we had to do what you owe. Covering more injuries – coats of Progressive is available in most states. For more information please contact one of our independent agent of Progressive, Texas or will or Prime Insurance.