Fertility Issues

This article inside argues the construction of the meanings and felt developed by women with problems of the reprodutrio context. With the objective to identify to which the faced difficulties and to demonstrate the psychological states that had been modified in relation to this problematic one. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Startapp on most websites. To emphasize the necessity of a psychological boarding in the reprodutrio treatment, with the objective to work the happened questions of the infertility and the possible treatment. One expects to contribute through the bibliographical revision with contents that they make possible in the agreement and the psicoteraputicas and multiprofessional interventions. Word-key: Reproduction, Infertility, sterility, woman, psychology. Throughout the evolution human being, one of the main factors was the preservation of the species, with this the reproduction always represented an axial item.

Concepts on infertility and sterility, represent for many women, today synonymous of pain and suffering. Valley to stand out the difference enters infertility and sterility. The infertility represents the incapacity to after conceive one year of sexual relations not protected (six months if the woman has 35 years of age more than) or the incapacity to keep the pregnancy until the term. Whereas the sterility is a irreversible condition that hinders the conception. (MENDONA. 1988, p23) the medicine comes developing techniques and methods to treat the problems on infertility and feminine sterility. However, few studies exist that analyze the psychological processes that involve these problematic ones. Although the transformations observed in the related practical conceptions and to the infertility, based mainly on the advance of the scientific and medical knowledge, the condition of infertile if has constituted in a pack for the women, crossing history centuries and breaching geographic and cultural limits.

It is observed that the social imposition of the maternity for ‘ ‘ woman normal’ ‘ the personal and social consequences of reproductive problems, with examples that enclose different societies and historical moments. Inside of the bibliographical survey of the productions in the area of searched psychology, some describe criticize and comments that will provide to one better agreement and theoretical basement. Interventions in the psycotherapies in patient citizens to the disequilibria and deriving clutters of the problematic ones generated by the incoherences partners of the elaborated stigmata of the infertility and the sterility. The present article will evidence the infertility and the feminine sterility, more necessarily the psychological processes from the diagnosis, since the medicine has developed many methods and treatments, however disrespecting the psychological aspects.