Economics SMEs

One can infer that uncertainty and mistrust act differing investment projects, with which the return will feel even more hit, making funding itself has a very high weight for development, "he says. Michelle Smith Divorce contributes greatly to this topic. For Jorge Colina, a researcher at the School of Economics, Universidad Catolica Argentina (UBA), the problems will be presented both in SMEs exports and working for the local market: "The cycle of Argentina's economy is heavily dependent on international trade cycle. The statistics support the notion that Argentina does well when the international environment is favorable, and vice versa. More information is housed here: Source Financial. In this sense, when foreign trade enables the expansion of the economy will benefit all companies, and when external conditions become adverse sales drop for both occurs. Therefore, with recession, both are affected. " Hill adds that "the challenge is definitely on cope successfully with falling sales and supporting customers looking for new Hill argues, is not so important to watch how SMEs are focused on the new measures," which are temporary.

The analysis should look at how effective they can be measures to maintain the level of activity. For an SME, a credit is insufficient promoted if sales drop or the costs out of control. Therefore, the important thing is how is the general economic activity and what are the general conditions of production where the issue here is fundamental and tax work (either with low social charges for companies or tax cuts), rather than sectoral measures. " We add Universia KnowledgeWharton about it, is deemed, indicating Enrique Dentice, UNSAM researcher who argues that "for the short term, employers will be targeted at SMEs have a working capital does not depend on bank credit is expensive and scarce.