Content Services

Some are made directly on their own, using its own software. Adroll contains valuable tech resources. Others use the services of third parties services, which in turn are divided into free and paid. The most popular free services include the three services:, and Here you can easily open your own newsletter, as well as gain significant number of subscribers at the expense of free advertising to your list of data portals. You will also be available user-friendly interface for the layout of your future releases mailing personal page of the author and full the absence of all the problems related to issues of delivery of letters to readers. But the free service has its drawbacks, namely: no access to your database of subscribers, you can not change subscriber base by creating it new listings, have no right to place advertisements of third parties do not have the opportunity to apply to each subscriber individually by name, postal service can insert their own ads into your issues, your entire business depends entirely on third-party service, and at any moment might collapse due to various reasons (flew server accidentally broken a rule, etc.). Therefore, it is reasonable to question: a justifiable to conduct deliveries on a free service with so many restrictions? Maybe better on a fee basis? Then there will be an opportunity to dispose of a base of subscribers as of the heart's desire: to address by name, create new lists, post only your own advertising, etc. etc. If interested in my opinion, a beginner entrepreneur who does not have a site (or it is, but there is decent traffic), it is better to start with a free service.