Teeth Cleaning

Do I need to do to clean your teeth? There are people, by the way, the elderly living in rural areas who have never brushed their teeth, and they are healthy. Why? For all the seemingly clear issue and present hygienic education of the population are people who do not consider it necessary to regularly clean their teeth. Indeed, in surveys of the rural population of southern regions of the country, conducted 40-50 years ago, very rarely, but still met some elderly people have retained some or most of the teeth, although practically non-compliance with hygiene rules for the care of a cavity rta.Eto, of course, interested dentists. Study lifestyle, diet of these people showed that they all ate lots of raw vegetables and fruit, and is to some extent, allows you to clean your teeth from plaque. They also led a healthy life: as a rule, do not smoke, do not alcohol abuse, did not drink coffee, go to bed early and get up early, and most importantly – do not experience prolonged and constant stress.

Favorable environmental conditions and constant physical activity also played a positive role. The conclusion was: the environmental and psychological conditions, together with the dynamics of work and the use of simple, but natural food provided fairly good condition of the body of the people, including the preservation of teeth. And yet it is the exception rather than the rule. Especially in the present has changed the lives of rural residents – its diet, environmental, economic and psychological situation.


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