School Environment

Vicente Martins-O principle of the freedom To teach As if sees, the learning lived deeply for the pupil very helps and in the process of ressocializaoda school, mainly in the relation professor and pupil, who has times if has consumed, becoming conflituosa and for times culminating in the gratuitous violence between both. The Pedagogia of the Experience harmonizes the pertaining to school environment, becomes the renewed, interesting and alive classroom, a classroom that until then was distant of the reality and will of the pupils to remain of it. &#039 inside; ' It was preferable to kill lesson to have that to dicar in mine school-it comments a pupil of 9 year of one state school of the great So Paulo ' '. Another one was beyond: – ' ' My professors more lack of what he comes and when comes is always of bad – mood and alone passes copy, will be themselves for passing alone copy are in house copying the book todo' '! Learning through the Experience ' ' Everything that the professor will be to teach, must be thought beyond the theory, but of the practical one of what it is wanted to teach! ' ' So that the pupils not only demonstrate interest for the content presented for the professor but that in fact they understand, they feel and they live deeply this learning, will be necessary queaps the theoretical lessons this professor carries through next to its pupils visits techniques to the places where if they find the study object. Christovo (1979, P. 4-5) mentions that ' ' informal communication comes being focus of bigger attention on the part of all the scientific community. (…) The information propagated for the informal system if characterize, still, for bigger rapidity and redundncia.' ' gradual the deriving information of informal canals are become in the formal canals.