The constatao of the lazy quo Is simply cruel is the race human being and as its governing are inept. It is enough to examine History known. We attend in the reporters of the television scenes of children of 10 the 12 years vendendo bullets and other gadgets in the traffic lights; adolescent girls if prostituindo in the capitals northeasterns and other cities. Such facts shock our conscience, but valley to remember, has 3 a thousand years more than, when Ciro, king of the Persians, destroyed Babilnia, the remaining families, who had been in the absolute misery, put its children of 9 and 10 years if they prostiturem to the side of the routes of caravans and thus to gain some thing to feed parents and brothers. Always the misery as cause of the immorality, this same immorality that our governing swear that they go to fight, knows God when. We attend, of crossed arms and arregalados eyes, the devastao of the Amazonian Forest, even so let us recognize the important paper that the forests play in the maintenance of the life planetary. The problem is very old, therefore to conclude the construction of the Coliseu emperor Vespasiano forbade the cut of trees in a ray of 50 kilometers around Rome, therefore the area already was turning a desert. The Coliseu was inaugurated in year 70, has accurate 1941 years, but our governing continue to argue that the problem of the deforestation is very serious, need to be faced with firmness and determination, bl-bl-bl, bl-bl-bl The Education continues in its slow and laborious work to instruct the intellect while, without the moral construction and spiritual, the Human being advances to the slips for the embezzlements of the ignorance, begging for a flash that alumie, the least per some instants, the abyss where if it put. Lux Fiat! Lux Fiat! The outcry is general.