Traffic Inspector

To discover the Internet and use e-mail should be fine program from the fund Mozilla – Firefox and Thunderbird. Since in our conversation we came to the topic Internet, it would be nice to talk about "distribution" of the Internet channel on the school lokalke. Of course, the most common problem in the functioning of local networks – the organization's secure Internet access, providing traffic control and switching the channel on the user's machine. It is desirable (and in fact, of course, necessary) to achieve this goal with minimal cost – both material and organizational. Applicable software must be cheap, contain, and firewall and antivirus with a high degree of mutual integration, to provide a quantitative control of the traffic to avoid overloading the channel by a single user to the detriment of other (Allocate quotas for information exchange), and filter content as to suppress the diversion of traffic and prevent unwanted visits resources.

On the other hand, it is necessary to provide a simple and low-cost in terms of time and effort conducting technical activities for setting up and maintenance of the school network – let's not forget that all of these tasks will be to perform, most likely, an ordinary school science teacher, whose main task – teaching, and in-depth knowledge of IT-technologies, and basic knowledge of computers. Therefore, must find a simple and cheap integrated software package, which would solve at once all these issues – the application of a group of caching proxy servers. On the market there is a sufficient range of such programs, and among them in order to address communication problems and security of school networks allocated program Traffic Inspector domestic developers. The site can be found with the description and the possibilities Traffic Inspector'a and offer bonuses in the form of discounts as the main product, and on built-in antivirus modules of two recognized brands. As is known, the theory – is one thing and practice – a little different, and while we all dream of the ideal, but live in the real world and forced to adapt to it. Yes, Windows Paid Operating System, but it is the most widespread and we have to use it to adequately prepare appropriate users.